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June 26, 2014


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Bena Roberts

Thank-you to "you know who" for allowing me to do this and for all the personal information. Without the support of our amazing MBC girls - we wouldn't get the promotion or interest that we are getting.

Please contact me if you are looking for a research project or are studying metaplastic breast cancer.

pattricia ann postel

im 59, three adult children, active healthy life....in 2004 i discovered a lump in my breast which my obgyn and i tracked and measured for ten years. it was my choice not to seek further medical intervention such as diagnostic treatment or other. my reason was, women with cancer eventually die of the disease . even after chemo/surgery/radiation treatments which are themselves an assault on the body. i did not want my physical frailty to be a burden or interrupt our three children attending college or graduating. a year after our youngest child graduated two things occurred, one -my youngest daughter said ' mom, i have a lump in my breast ', two- my lump started to surface in to what appeared to be a boil.
now in my family three generation of females are represented as having breast lumps in our early 20"s
my mother, myself and now my daughter. the difference is my mother lived to be 94 without ever been diagnosed as having any cancer , myself whose diagnosis and prognosis is grim, and my daughter whose mammogram was normal.
i recently had surgery which resulted in the mass being removed and 7 f 10 lymph nodes being positive, i chose to refuse chemo, which my doctor feel would be ineffective at this point and i will pursue radiation therapy in the near future. I have read all my reports and my chances of survival are slim, but no one survives cancer do they ? the one thing we can all agree on is that cancer kills and there is no cure.

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