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January 31, 2010


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I found this slides about 10 best Healing Bible Verses at http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Christianity/2008/09/The-10-Most-Healing-Bible-Verses.aspx?p=2
Believe that God is the great healer.


Bena, While we have only known each other for a little over 2 years, I have come to consider you a dear friend. This blog will prove to be cathartic and as usual is written to your highest standard. Remember as you said, "fight the power", and "viva la revolucion"...you are a fighter and I am proud to be considered your friend.


I also have been diagnosed with Metaplastic breast cancer. Last week, I had a mastectomy and was told everything was fine - no cancer in the lymph node, and the tumor was very small. When we went to the surgeon a week later for the pathology report, he said he had a little bad news - there was a little cancer in the sentinel lymph node and it was metaplastic cancer. I couldn't talk I was so shocked. I don't even know what it is and it is so rare that no one knows the treatment. Oh, God, please help me and give me some information. How are you? Tell me if you are going to have chemo and what kind? I am going to have a second opinion at Sloan Kettering.

bena roberts

Hi Mary
I know its a shock. But take a deep breath you can get through this. I also had cancer in my sentinel node and had it removed. The treatment is usually FEC-D. You should find us on Facebook there are about 70 of us and we all share stories and chat.
you can do this!

Hugs Bena

Michelle Francis

I just got the news yesterday that I have Metaplastic BC. I got the initial new of breast cancer on Dec 17th and in hindsight wish it was just the typical IBC. I am very much still in shock and know next to nothing yet as I am scared to read too much. I am 38 yrs old with 8 mth old twins and don't have a lot of time as well so I am really looking for as much info as possible. I found the lump on Dec 6th and since then things have been moving so fast. I am scheduled for surgery on the 17th of this month.

bena roberts

Michelle - it is SO hard if you have kids and new borns - I am so sorry for you. But you are young and you can fight this. Hopefully you have this early and you can fight it. Good luck on the surgery and warm hugs on the 17th. Please join us on Facebook and we can all help you.

Terri Cotter

I also was diagnosed and treated for metaplastic breast cancer in August of 2009. I had breast cancer 19 years ago, had mastectommy and chemo. This time I had chemo first, then mastectomy, then radiation. It was much harder the second time around...being older, hard time tolerating chemo, radiation. I have developed lymphodema in left arm and was just fitted for a sleeve. So far, so good, but I feel I am living on pins and needles right now. I became a grandma and am taking one day at a time. I do believe that a positive attitude helps.

bena roberts

Hi Terri - thanks for getting in contact. Please fee free to join our Facebook group Search Metaplastic Breast Cancer.

Congratulations on becoming a grandma - I hope to become one one day too!!! Bena


I was just diagnosed with Metaplastic Breast Cancer, want to go for a second opinion. Does anyone know a hospital that specializing in this type of cancer. Very scared, what are our opinions?

Mary Dintrone

Lynn, I dont know where you live but I highly recommend Sloan Kettering in new york

Shelia Jenkins

I have had surgery at Mayo in Jacksonville. I had lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed. The pathology came back clear and I am healthy. The doctors are suggesting Chemo but I am not sure I want to do chemo if there are any Holistic treatments that any of you are aware of. I need to connect with someone who has been through is type cancer and hear what your results have been. Thanks to anyone who responds.

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