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January 23, 2014


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Sure early detection is not a cure by any stretch, but it sure can save your life

Mike Walsh

My wife (age 68) back in Dec of 2012 was diagnosed with Stage 4 ER+ breast cancer. One node and a small spot on the spine. After 3 infusions of AC she was clean except for the 6 cm tumor in her breast. The oncologist said since the cancer was responding well to estrogen blocker (aromasin) it was best to leave it be.
A little over a year later, Nov 2014 the cancer morphed and went crazy. She had a radical mastectomy and breast removal. A biopsy showed it to be ER+ and the oncologist prescribed tamoxifen. 19 lymph nodes were removed and 9 of the 19 had triple negative Metaplastic keratinized squamous carcinoma. A PET scan done after the surgery showed some cancer still in her armpit, probably spill over from the nodes. She's back on A-C again, no Taxol as she almost died from it earlier. One good point, she had intense pain in her rt armpit for about 10 minutes; maybe it was from the cancer being killed.
She has two cancers, one ER+ PR+ HER2- and another triple negative.

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