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September 25, 2011


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Nancy Freiday

Congratulations Bena! You are an inspiration.

I had a mastectomy Sept 2 and got the pathology last week and my doctor updated the diagnosis to invasive metaplastic breast cancer (as well as Paget's).

I am 56 and ran a half marathon in Feb and one in Mar. I walk alot right now (still have drains in place) and will look forward to returning to running whenever I can.

The lack of history for the medical profession with this disease is scary but it is what it is.

Keep going Bena!

bena roberts

Thank you Nancy - super congratulations on being 56 and being so fit. Please think Mind over matter with your cancer and focus on it like winning a race. There will be hills and hurdles but you can do it. Keep walking and make sure you detox after chemo too.

Love Bena

Patty Reinders

Non complacent Bena,
Hurray for you ...for the run and for the cry.
I discovered my lump on May 1st 2009. I had chemotherapy that summer and surgery on October 1st. I discovered your blog soon after and have been checking it ever since. When I google search metaplastic breast cancer, you are always near the top of the list. Thank you for being brave enough to share your experience. There is a sisterhood that is created by this shared experience that I am very thankful for.
The United States was my home until recently. I am now outside of Frankfurt and I may try to see some of your doctors. Thank you for listing them.
Your "sister",
Patty Reinders

bena roberts

Hi Patty - lovely to meet you! Where are you in Frankfurt - would love to meet up with you. Carin is also an MBC and she is in Rhein Main. You really should visit some of my doctors - please keep in touch, Bena

Patty Reinders


I would very much like to meet you and Carin. Our home is in Kronberg im Taunus, not far from Frankfurt.

Patty Reinders

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