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April 29, 2010


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Water retention during chemotherapy is sometimes partly due to the stress being caused to your liver. There's a yellow spice called turmeric that can help to protect your liver a little bit from the chemo. You can also get turmeric (or the stronger version called curcumin) in pill form. Hoping this helps.

Judy Batchelor

I'm definitely a sugar junkie, too...I had lost weight for the first half of chemo, got down to 110 lbs....then while on Taxol, I gained a ton, and finished at 127 lbs. I have since only been able to lose 5 lbs.

I admit I have not really changed my diet, and that is a bad thing. I am glad to read what your doctor says about your diet, and plan to start trying to eat healthier.

I plan to take curcumin starting next week, it has so many benefits I've been researching the last few weeks. I had to get off my blood thinners first, can't take them together.

Bena Roberts

Judy - I am the same. Taxol or its sister Taxotere - makes you fat. I didn't put on one bit - in fact I lost about 5 pounds the first three doses of chemo.

The minute I took Taxotere - my weight is just going up and up - Its horrible - but a lot of it is water.

I want to dump 7kg - about 14 pounds then I am back to how I was in 2008 - before all this cancer stress.

I will keep sharing what the doctor tells me and maybe it will help you too. Warm hugs bena

Judy Batchelor

Here's a new turn of events: my period started back up this week after a 13 month hiatus, and the weight is dropping off! So weird, I guess my metabolism is kicking in again?? I have dropped from 124 to 120 in the last few days.

Are you doing dose dense Taxol? I was supposed to but was switched to weekly dosage so I would tolerate it better.

bena roberts

judy - the taxotere was killing me - I think I was on the strongest possible dose - 100%.
But anyway - that is over and I hope my metabolism kicks in soon - at the moment I am just so full of water.
hugs bena

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