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February 01, 2010


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Uncle must have told her too. I am reading this in the library and crying buckets. Stay strong Bena. Dr Kildare was played by Richard Chamberlaine.

Much love x

Bena Roberts

That is it! Richard Chamberlain - I used to love him!!. Thank-you Renu and please don't cry - writing this is actually making all of this a lot easier for me.
Hugs Bena


Glad to hear it!!! x

Catrin McIntee

Hy Bena my bestest little friend in the whole wide world.
Fantastic homepage. Most impressed. You truly have a gift writing. Am glued to the screen. Have not read everything yet, but certainly will.
Love you Catrin

Catrin McIntee

Ah forgot, you look pretty hot in your little hat. You also look very thin.

Bena Roberts

Catrin, my darling. I can't wait to see you! I am really looking forward to our holiday in Vienna. I look thin... well there is a first time for everything....!

Rae Burton

Dear Bena, I am in California, USA, reading your notes, and aching for your pain. I too have Metaplastic BC with lung metastasis and have been on chemo 10 months. MBC is a tough opponent, but I am tough too. And reading your notes, I see you are tough also. Good Luck and Blessings in your fight to get your health back!
Rae Burton

Bena Roberts

Dearest Rae, thank-you so much. I am so sorry that your cancer has spread. But, I am very proud of you being in Chemo for ten months - I know from all my heart how tough and terrible that is and you are indeed a lot stronger than me. I would have liked to have given up several times now -but I musn't for my kids. I really hope you get better and please do let me know how you are getting on.

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